photography by Nhan Le


who am i?

My name is Ariel. I want to share my story to raise awareness about invisible illness/disability, to shed light on the reality of eating disorders, and – let's be honest – for the catharsis.

Since 2015 I've been in recovery from an eating disorder, chased health diagnoses, worked, gone to college, and left college (for now). 

short n sweet

origin story


Ein Harod Ichud, Israel (200 BCE)

--> Los Angeles, California (1999)

--> Rochester, NY (2016)

--> Los Angeles, California (2019)


  • atypical anorexia

  • tarsal tunnel syndrome

  • hypermobility syndrome

    • potentially ehlers-danlos syndrome​

  • generalized anxiety disorder with obsessive-compulsive tendencies


current haunt


In Los Angeles; sharing a little apartment with my boyfriend; going to a lot of medical appointments; in intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for eating disorder.



  • I'm a classical singer. (I've put my training on hold for a bit because the hypermobility makes it difficult to sing properly.)

  • I'm bisexual and my pronouns are they/she.

  • I speak Hebrew, English, and some Spanish.

  • I love baking!

  • Member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Lambda